Is Investing in Commercial Real Estate a Good Idea?

Real Estate

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Micah has accumulated a good amount of cash in his savings account and is looking for a safe way to invest it. He asks Dave if investing in commercial real estate is a good idea.

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  1. If you can get a 7% CAP on a commercial building with a 10 year triple net lease with rent increases, you can get a pretty attractive return comparative to the market. Done several of them with multiple investors.

  2. Lol do not put all cash into one deal. If you were smart leverage your cash into a few properties. 40-50% down. Industrial properties or retail both multi-tenant

  3. Triple net leases are the way to go.. invest your money into buying buildings that will attract national tenants (subway, Burger King, dollar tree etc etc). these leases go for 5 to 10 years…which means you can kick back and enjoy the income every month…another upside to triple net is that if for whatever reason the tenant that's leasing your building wants to leave , by contract they have to keep paying you the rest of the time they have left on the lease. No exceptions.

  4. It's like Dave said, look well into the matter, are they financially solid? This is called doing your due diligence. If they have fewer liabilities than performing assets, it should be a good fit for you.

  5. Id feel les as risk to have a 6 plexs commercial then just one big building. Also if you have any idea how construction works you can often build a new Building for less then a old one . A new building smell appeals to hirr rent and lower insurance ect. If you got 2 million to spend. Id invest in ford stocks there in a low price atm even keep eye on tesla. Bin seeing 40% retuns every 6 months if you cash out on 4th quarter and re buy by the end of the second

  6. If commercial real estate crashes and you can scoop them up for a good price than of course it’s a good investment but you have to look at the location too, commercial real estate in big cities are obviously better. But if you can get some in a big city your basically guaranteed continuous income, you can trust business’s more than tenants

  7. Real Estate can be good but years ago did some Real Estate investing but dealing with the tenants at time could be 3 full time jobs. The rewards where good in the long run but sketchy at times.

    No risk no reward. Craps is a good game at the casino.

  8. It sounds like less work for a smaller return, which is typical. Of course you could find and manage your own tenants and increases your return by 3 to 10% depending on how much you get the building for and are able to rent it for. Good luck!!

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